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There are studies that suggest that spermids have a significant impact on the self-cleaning processes of human body cells. Diseases such as dementia are to be prevented. Spermidine is found in all body cells, but there are also numerous spermidine foods that can maintain health. It is assumed that a spermidin-containing diet can lead to better health on the one hand and longer life on the other.

What is spermidine?

It is a polyamine, which is contained in the human nuclei and in the ribosomes. Polyamine is responsible for protein and nucleic synthesis, and it also influences cell development. [1] The body is able to produce spermidine on its own, but in old age this natural production is reduced. Especially during pregnancy, after massive, physical activity and in the growth phase, the body’s own content is high.

Its name is given to the natural building block of body cells from its discovery in semen. However, it is now known that sperminates are present in almost every living organism, regardless of gender. While the proportion in adolescence is very high, it decreases with age.

There are numerous foods in which polyamine is naturally present. Studies have already shown that integration into daily dietcanise can promote health:

  • Fruits such as apples, mango, grape
  • well-ripened cheese
  • Chickpeas
  • Vegetables such as cauliflower, sprouts, broccoli
  • Pumpkin seeds and other nut species
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How does spermidine work?

In the United States of America, a study was conducted with subjects between the ages of 45 and 84. They had previously consumed numerous spermidine foods and fed on it. A control group, on the other hand, fed itself classically. The study showed that spermidine foods led to a reduction in mortality.

In another study, spermidine capsules and their influence on the memory performance of the study participants were investigated. The results showed that even a three-month intake led to a significant improvement in memory performance. Side effects, on the other hand, were hardly noted in the study. The results offer hope, but need to be further deepened in a control study.


Effect of autophagy

Autophagy is a process by which pollutants are excreted or recycled from the body. Faulty proteins, old cell waste and unneeded pollutants are broken down and reused or excreted. The term autophagy comes from the Greek and stands for “self eating” (auto = self, phagie = food). The cells eat the components that are no longer needed on their own.

This process takes place not only in humans, but in almost all living organisms. Even bacteria, foreign proteins and viruses penetrated from the outside can be killed in this way. The urge for autophagy can be stimulated in the body by fasting cures. Spermin also stimulates the body for self-cleansing. [2]

Which spermidine is the best?

Buying pure spermidine is not possible, but wheat germs contain a large amount of the healthy substance. The capsules produced in Germany, which contain pure wheat germ oil, come from Vitalingo. In addition to spermidine, omega 3 fatty acids containing vitamins A, B, D, E and K, as well as omega 6 fatty acids are also included.

If you want to buy good spermidine, make the right choice with this product. The capsules are manufactured in a bio-certified factory according to German law. The tablets are also lactose-free and also suitable for vegans.

Since there is no pure spermidine to buy in the pharmacy and it is not a medical device, the product is also distributed online. So it is not necessary to go to the pharmacy or medical centre for the purchase of Spermidine, the product simply comes home to the consumer.

What complaints does spermidine help against?

Polyamine shows broad efficacy when it comes to slowing or stopping the body’s aging process. A life-extending effect has already been demonstrated several times in individual studies.

for protection for the heart

Due to the increased autophagy in the body, the functionality of the heart muscle cells can be optimized. In old age, the risk of dying from cardiovascular disease increases massively. Whether coronary heart disease, heart attack or high blood pressure – the list of potential risk factors is high. Stroke and heart attacks are still the leading cause of death in Germany.

One study showed that taking the substance in mice extended the life cycle by 10 percent. [3] In addition, there were fewer cardiovascular diseases and increased heart function. It is thought that a similar effect may occur in humans, but studies are still pending.

Use in dementia

Dementia is a typical age-related disease and polyamine has already been tested here. Subjects were fruit flies, which bear an enormous resemblance to humans. They often suffer memory problems as they age. If the fruit fly was fed spermidine in the study, autophagy was strongly stimulated in the body. The forgetfulness decreased. This mode of action is also suspected in humans and has already been partially proven.

A study by the Berlin Charité deals with numerous subjects between the ages of 60 and 90 whose memory performance has decreased. The intake of spermide-containing wheat germs over a period of six months will be examined. Initial field trials have already shown in other studies that the ability to think and remember when taking it has been significantly improved. [4]

against skin aging

Anti-aging is an issue that will never disappear. Everyone wants to stay fit, agile and healthy as long as possible. Everyone also wants to avoid skin aging symptoms as much as possible. Various measures and healthy living conditions can play a part in this, but a study from Austria promises further possibilities.

More than 800 people were asked about their diet. Researchers determined the spermidine content of the daily food and catalogued it according to low, medium and high. After 20 years of observation, it was proven that with the amount of spermidine, the lifetime also increased. At the same time, however, the incidence of cardiovascular events and cancers decreased. [5]

A spermidine-rich diet can therefore clearly have a positive effect on lifespan and vitality. In general, foods such as wheat germs also contain healthy substances such as vitamins, trace elements and recyclable, good fats.

How is spermidine taken or how to use it?

Spermidine capsules are just one way to take the effective polyamine. But the proportion in the body can also be increased via food. Numerous foods contain spermidine, the following spermidine food table names the proportion in milligrams per kilogram:

  • Wheat germ sprouts contain 243 mg/kg
  • Soybeans contain 207 mg/kg
  • Cheddar cheese contains 199 mg/kg
  • Pumpkin seeds contain 104 mg/kg
  • Mushrooms contain 89 mg/kg
  • Rice bran contains 50 mg/kg


Wheat germs are at the top of the spermidine food table, they have by far the highest content and contain other health-promoting ingredients. Taken in the form of capsules, wheat bran can help the body with autophagy and alleviate and cure disease symptoms.

With food alone, it is sometimes difficult to meet spermidine requirements. Capsules and tablets can help. Whether wheat germ oil or wheat germ extract, the spermidine content is high and several years of research show the positive effectiveness. The capsules are taken with some liquid, up to four capsules daily, are at an active ingredient content of 270 mg. Wheat germ oil possible. The duration of ingestion should be at least three months.


Are side effects from wheat germ possible?

Until now, there have been hardly any reports of side effects of spermidine, and it is also possible in the elderly in high doses in the long term. Studies investigated the efficacy in the animal, again there were no intolerance symptoms.

In general, there is always a risk of intolerance, with all foods. For example, gluten intolerance can be a contraindication to ingestion, as gluten is contained in wheat. A doctor should generally be consulted before taking it.

In very sensitive patients, a change in digestion has been reported. Thus, the absorption of wheat germs in pure form can lead to water being removed from the intestine and the stool thickening. This risk can be avoided if wheat germ stake in the form of spermidine capsules. These are based on wheat germ oil, which is high-dose and well tolerated. [6]

Conclusion: Why is spermidine so healthy?

There are numerous positive effects that a spermidin-containing diet has on the human body. The body’s own substance is found in many foods that have several healthy ingredients. For example, wheat germs contain a large number of required vitamins, which are otherwise rarely absorbed through food.

However, the main effect is caused by autophagy, which can be seen as a natural cleansing system of the body. The body processes and re-inserts unusable cell components or excretes them. This process can be driven by taking spermidine.

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