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Basically, Propolis is the putty resin of bees. Experience has shown that propolis products derived from New Zealand’s flora in particular are convincing with their special effects. It is said that this aspect is mainly due to the comparatively high UV radiation of New Zealand. As a result, the antioxidant properties of the propolis preparations are even more intense than would be the case with similar products whose raw materials come from local areas. In general, New Zealand’s propolis raw material is widely known for its extremely high proportion of bioactive protective agents. As a result, cancer and immune research, among other things, is very interested in propolis preparations “from the other end of the world”.

As soon as the bee colony returns from the nectar search “to its city”, it passes a so-called propolis carpet. The term “pro polis” comes from the Greek language and stands for “before the city”. With regard to the valuable propolis natural products, a barrier is meant, which protects the hive completely and highly efficiently from fungi, viruses, bacteria and other disease sufferers. Humans have been using this aspect for many millennia and use propolis products both for the relief of health problems and for cosmetic reasons.

What is Propolis?

The bee colony produces propolis raw material from different plant resins. It is a highly complex mixture containing more than 800 natural substances. In this respect, there is talk, among other things, of active plant ingredients with a highly antioxidant effect. In addition, the natural material has an extremely high proportion of immune-strengthening essences. For bees, the antibiotic effect is of primary relevance. According to recent studies, these naturally effective defense mechanisms are particularly useful for improving human well-being.

If you take it carefully, the propolis substance is bee faeces or bee putty. This is also called bee putty resin. Even in ancient times, the health-promoting properties of this natural product were used in folk and alternative medicine areas. The ancient Egyptians used propolitism to embed their dead. In addition, wounds were healed because the anti-inflammatory and bacteria-killing properties had already been recognized at that time.

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What is the Propolis effect like?

Although propolis segments are produced by honeybees and, due to their resin-like consistency, are primarily used for the repair and sealing of the hive, the natural material is of great importance, especially with regard to health-specific aspects. In addition to the resins of numerous trees and pollen, the saliva secretion of bees, essential oils as well as sugars, minerals, protein building blocks, amino acids and vitamins are also included. In the hives, propolis substance serves as a growth inhibitor of bacteria, viruses, parasites and co., because inside the hives there is a very high humidity, combined with a very rich supply of nutrients. The best conditions for germs and bacilli to multiply rapidly inside the hive. Depending on where the hives are placed, there are changing heat and humidity conditions. Accordingly, the propolis quality can vary considerably depending on the location, season, region and flower offer in the area. For this reason, the interested nature lover can buy Propolis in a wide variety of colour and fabric mixtures. Greenish as well as yellowish-brown, but also dark brown propolis products are therefore not uncommon. Depending on the color composition, the propolis effect may also be different.

The following applies: The purer, the higher the value of the respective product – and the sooner the desired effect can be achieved.


Longer-term use is recommended

The antibiotic propolis effect against numerous bacteria, such as Staphylococcus Aureus or Salmonella enteritidis, is to be emphasized. The anti-inflammatory, wound-healing and immune-boosting effect is also remarkable. Therefore, the natural product is often used as part of an immunotherapy. The antioxidant effect or the highly effective effect against free radicals – these are extremely aggressive oxygen complexes that permanently damage the structures of human cells and thus, among other things, accelerate the aging process – also plays an essential role in natural medicine. It is also recommended to buy Propolis to combat depression. In fact, in natural medicine, one likes to use high-dose propolis capsules, because – depending on the conception – they are able to strengthen the cell structure of the nerve pathways. This in turn has a positive effect on the mental condition, so that depressive moods, but also tiredness and exhaustion can be alleviated in the long term. [1]

Which Propolis is the best?

The natural “Bee and you” propolis preparations are among the best products the market has to offer. They were produced on the basis of the latest technological and scientific knowledge. For the ecologically excellently thought-out extraction process for propolis extraction, the supplier has even been awarded several times in the past. All of the propolis products offered by Bee and you come from the forests of Anatolia. These are characterized by a rich variety of different plants. This is an aspect which is of crucial importance in terms of the quality of the product and the composition and therefore also in terms of how it works.

Bee and you’s most popular products include:

  • the Propolis Tincture, which – depending on the product – contains a propolis content of 10 or 20 percent. The propolis extract tincture can be used several times a day if required. Best, the natural product is mixed into a liquid food.
  • the 20 percent propolis drops also contain purest propolis. The Propolis drops can be stirred and eaten at will in cold or hot food.
  • Propolitintures from Bee and you allow the production of Propolis cream “on your own”. Propolis cream or propolis ointment is recommended for a wide variety of cosmetic applications. The tincture from the Bee and you range is therefore a valuable basis for making new beauty or health products from it.
  • Gel Royal and bee pollen are also available in Bee and you’s well-stocked online store. These preparations are also among the best available.

What complaints does Propolis help against?

as an antibiotic

The Propolis application is primarily elementary in terms of the destruction of disease-causing bacteria. According to current findings, the use of Propolis capsules or the use of Propolis honey can reduce the spread of Staphylococcus Aureus and Salmonella enteritidis. Propolis products are therefore essential for the prevention of bacterial diseases and for the control of viruses and fungi. [2] Propolis is also recommended for infections of the skin or mucous membranes and respiratory tract. As a disinfectant and for the care of wounds, the bee product is also of essential importance.

Studies have also shown that the activity of herpes viruses and so-called rhinoviruses can be stopped by propolis preparations. These are the cause of colds which, thanks to bee products, can therefore be combated. The antibiotic effect is mainly attributed to the phenols and flavonoids contained in propolis products. This includes, among other things, the so-called coffee acid.

Compared to antibiotics used in conventional medicine, no resistance to “propolis antibiotics” develops. The viruses, bacteria and co. therefore do not become “immune” to the propolis preparations. This is an aspect that is equally important in terms of prevention, relief and aftercare.

Using Propolis for the common cold as well as against the symptoms of the dreaded influenza has been commonfor many years. Especially for coughs, hoarseness and sore throats, the natural material has always proven itself. The inflammations responsible for the symptoms of coughing and hoisiness are much faster. The immune system is strengthened and at the same time the self-healing powers of the body are activated.

to strengthen the immune system

Similar to the “protective armour” from which the bees in their hives benefit, the natural product also strengthens the defenses of us humans. [3] In this respect, Propolis is a good place for colds. Especially for the prevention of colds and flu-like infections, it is worth relying on regular propolis use. If necessary, this can also be done once or twice a year in the form of an immunotherapy.

against inflammation

Already in antiquity the anti-inflammatory and wound-healing propolis effect was known. Small wounds, but also major injuries could already be healed sustainably at that time by the intensive use of Propolis ointment. In this context, the focus is on both the antibacterial and anti-inflammatory propolis effects. Interestingly, the propolis substance lays down like a protective film about the treated skin area and prevents germs and other pathogens from penetrating the skin. In addition, the healing process is effectively supported. [4]

against early aging

The UV rays of the sun, but also stress, an unhealthy lifestyle as well as psychological problems etc. have a negative effect on the nature of the cell structures. The natural protective shield of the cells is damaged and thus impaired in its protective effect. Propolis powder or propolis honey can, long-term applied, sustainably protect against free radicals. The cell structure is strengthened and repaired by the bee faeces contained in the preparations. [5] The more regular and intensive the application, the sooner the first visible successes can be achieved.

Propolis creams moisturize and provide the skin with precious nutrients. This padded it from the inside out and appears younger and more radiant. However, due to the rich substance of the cream, it is recommended to use propolis cream preferably as a night cream to prevent the treated skin areas from shining. Also, makeup on this basis would last only in the short term.

Note: Whether propolis capsules, propolis powder or as a holistically effective immune cure: If you want to use Propolis for the common cold or take it to combat the aging process, you should only buy the best propolis. Also with a view to strengthening the immune system or when it comes to alleviating inflammation, only pure propolis products should be used. Only then will a purposeful and sustainable mode of action be guaranteed.

How is Propolis taken or how to dose it?

Neither a propolis cream, or a tincture, nor capsules or ointments is a drug. Rather, products derived from bee products of this type are considered as food supplements or cosmetics. Nevertheless, the market offers products that are used in medical practice or homeopathy.

The category of dietary supplements with propolis content includes:


  • Propolis Capsules
  • Propolis Solutions
  • Propolis Powder
  • Propolis Honey
  • Immunocure preparations


Propolis cosmetics include:

  • Propolis Drops
  • Propolis Tincture
  • Propolis extract
  • Propolis Cream
  • Propolis ointment
  • Propolisspray


The external propolis application is usually used for wound healing or is intended to relieve inflammatory skin diseases or injuries. [6] Propolis preparations of this product category can be used several times a day as required. However, it is important to ensure that large, open wounds should not be treated with propolis products. Instead, it is necessary to examine to what extent the wound needs to be examined by a doctor or even surgically closed in order to actually achieve a cure.

The internal use of propolis products depends on the manufacturer’s specifications. Whether the focus is on a health-promoting or antioxidant effect in this respect, there are generally no blanket application requirements. Here, too, it is recommended to take the respective product as required and to keep an individual eye on the signals of the body. If you have any questions, please consult the homeopath of the trust.

Interesting facts: Homeopathic propolis products are also available, such as globuli or tinctures. These are administered on the basis of drug-specific specifications. After consultation with the treating naturopath or homeopath, these products are applied individually and strictly according to the respective clinical picture.


Are there any side effects?

People with an allergy to bees or bee faeces or bee products should not use propolis products or only after consultation with the doctor of their trust. According to the Federal Institute for Risk Assessment, there may be an overreaction if certain bee products come into contact with the mucous membranes or with the skin. Accordingly, the consumption of Propolis honey or Propolis powder should also be dispensed with. Otherwise, it is conceivable that rashes, redness, irritation, quads or pustules may occur.

It is possible to produce propolis products yourself. For example, it is possible to produce a tincture from pure propolis raw material and some wine spirit “on your own.” All that is required for the production are brown glasses, coffee filters and a mortar. The propolis raw material must first freeze in the freezer so that it can be more easily crushed with the mortar afterwards. The Propolis powder is then filled with the spirit of wine. The mixture is then filled into a dark container with screw cap. The glass is then stored in a warm place for three to six weeks, shaking gently at least once a day. When the propolis powder has completely dissolved, the whole thing is filtered and filled into the second brown glass. The more intensive ly simuging the filtering process, the purer the final product. Considering that a lot of suspended matter can be contained, it may take a while for a pure liquid to “crystallize” and the propolis tincture to be ready.

Note: The effort required to produce the tincture is indeed immense. In this respect, it is recommended to buy the finished tincture from Propolis.

If you like to make cosmetics yourself, you can produce lip balm from high-quality propolis preparations. This requires 10 grams of beeswax, the same amount of shea butter, 30 ml of vegetable oil and 5 drops of Propolis tincture. All ingredients are mixed together to create a homogeneous mass. This is filled into an empty lipstick container and placed in the fridge for cooling. After about 24 hours, the mixture is hardened and the lip balm is ready for use.

Conclusion: Why is Propolis so healthy?

True to the motto: “What was used in the grey age cannot be bad today”, propolis products are extremely valuable, natural products that are of great use. When purchasing propolis, however, care should be taken to ensure that the desired product has as high a propolis content as possible. If this is not the case, it is usually inferior quality, the mode of action of which ultimately leaves something to be desired. In any case, the value of the product should be the focus, because only then can an adequate effect be achieved.

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