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A drug that can be used almost universally and seems to have an effect on every disease – that is the dream of many people. If you are looking for such a remedy online, you will quickly find it: MMS testimonials indicated that it should work against infections, skin diseases and even against serious diseases such as cancer, diabetes or hepatitis C. But why hasn’t doctors prescribed such a remedy long ago? Quite simply: because its supposed effect has not yet been scientifically proven in studies or proven in any other way. The Multieffect Mineral Solution can even have serious side effects and has therefore already been banned in Canada. You can find out exactly what this preparation is, what exactly effects it is said to have and why it is not recommended for use.

What is MMS?

What is MMS

MMS was invented by Jim Humble and is an acid-activated sodium chlorite solution. More precisely, it is a solution consisting of 28 percent sodium chlorite, the activation of which is to be achieved by a 10 percent “activator” citric acid solution. The term “MMS” was coined by the book “The Miracle Mineral Solution of the 21st Century”, written by the American engineer Jim Humble. He himself describes it as a miracle cure, which can be used as an “alternative antibiotic” and can have a preventive or even curative effect against pathogens and various diseases. [1]

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How should MMS supposed to work?

How should MMS work?

The basic substance of Jim Humble’s MMS is sodium chloride. The addition of citric acid leads to a reaction and highly reactive toxic chlorine dioxide is produced. This substance is usually used in households and industry for disinfecting surfaces and bleaching. And it is precisely this disinfecting trait that people like Jim Humble seem to want to take advantage of. They believe the mixture is capable of killing pathogens – even those resistant to antibiotics. Also, many believe that the Miracle Mineral Supplement can stimulate the immune system and that red blood cells can absorb more oxygen. In addition, supporters of Jim Humble’s theory should be able to discharge waste from the body.

However, not only is there no scientific evidence for these effects, there are even officially documented deaths related to the MMS application. [2]

That is why it is not only the Swiss Medicines Institute swissmedic that issues an MMS warning. Other health authorities in Germany, Canada, the USA and many other countries are also advising against taking the chlorine oxide.

Why is MMS not scientifically tested in the first place?

Many advocates of MMS, which is available to buy, demand that science should seriously consider the effect of the substance in studies. That this does not happen is not due to a secret conspiracy or the fear that MMS drops might make other profitable drugs superfluous. Neither medicine nor the pharmaceutical industry can be accused of being open-minded: in the search for new antibiotics alone, many completely unknown and insignificant plants are examined in large numbers, only to find possible new active ingredients. The refusal to examine THE MMS that is available for scientific study must therefore be based on the fact that, in the logical opinion, there is no reason at all to suspect any positive health effect, let alone a curative effect at all. It provides a much better explanation than any conspiracy model pulled by the hair.

What complaints should MMS supposedly help against?

Allegedly helps MMS

Before we go into the alleged effects of chlorine dioxide in MMS, we would like to draw attention once again to the MMS warning of various institutions from different countries:

Authority Attitude to MMS
Federal Institute for Risk Assessment (BfR) Councils urgently off taking
Consumer Centre Warning due to significant health hazard
Swissmedic & Swiss Federal Office of Public Health Warning
Food and Drug Administration (FDA) multiple warning and indication of possible significant health damage caused by taking
Health Canada Warning and ban issued


In the pharma-critical health journal GPSP, the drug was also classified as a quackery. The effects described below are therefore for pure information purposes and are not intended to encourage the use of MMS.


Probably the most commonly mentioned disease, in which the Miracle Mineral Supplement is supposed to help, is malaria. The self-proclaimed discoverer of the mix says his companions contracted malaria during an excursion to a tropical area. He then gave them chlorine dioxide tablets, which he originally used to disinfect drinking water. Within a few hours, the symptoms of all sufferers had improved. There is no proof of this story.

Other reports, including from naturopaths and “energy therapists,” also show that it wasn’t just Jim Humble who used MMS for malaria. Others are also said to have used this in malaria sufferers and even in infants and pregnant women with malaria. They report a fever-lowering effect that starts within a few hours. However, all these reports cannot be substantiated either scientifically or in any way and therefore offer no evidence of effect.

for skin diseases

The mixture of sodium chlorite and citric acid is usually applied externally against skin diseases such as neurodermatitis, herpes, psoriasis or acne. This should allow the chlorine dioxide to be absorbed more quickly in the body. The MMS application is then intended to kill the pathogens responsible for the skin disease. The removal should then take place directly over the skin. There is no evidence of such an effect here either. [3]

against viruses, bacteria, fungi and germs

The preparation is also said to have an effect against other bacteria, viruses, fungi and germs. It is often taken for this purpose – sometimes in very high dosages. Chlorine dioxide should be able to work against flu-like infections and pneumonia, as well as hepatitis A, B and C, if the sometimes very dubious individuals who share these promises of action are believed. Some even claim that it can help against infections with the Sars Cov-2 virus. There is no scientific evidence to all these claims.

Since chlorine dioxide is used as a disinfectant, it can be assumed that it kills germs. However, the supposed benefit, which is not proven by any serious study, is marginal in relation to the side effects that the intake usually entails. Even when taking a small amount of the mixture, many people are reported to experience complaints such as the following:

  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • Corrosion of the mucous membranes and gastrointestinal tract
  • Renal failure
  • Respiratory problems


In addition, a disinfectant, such as chlorine dioxide, does not only kill “bad” microbes. Therefore, if such a remedy is taken, it can be assumed that the healthy gut bacteria are also affected. [4]

Alleged effect against cancer

Again and again there are MMS testimonials, in which also an effect of Jim Humble MMS in cancer is mentioned. Self-proclaimed and dubious “therapists” claim that the mixture can kill cancer cells. According to these persons, it is possible to determine whether this actually happens by whether the patient becomes ill after ingestion. If there is no nausea, they even recommend taking a higher dosage. [5]

Such a justification is not only unscientific, but also medically unsustainable. Nausea can arise for a variety of very different reasons and cannot simply be used as an evaluation criterion for the action or non-action of a single substance. For example, people with cancer suffer from very frequent nausea attacks during chemotherapy – it would now be completely impossible for the individual patient to distinguish whether the perceived nausea stems from chemotherapy or from taking MMS. Quite apart from that, subjectively perceived nausea is generally a far too non-specific symptom to be reliably used as an evaluation criterion for any body processes or drug effects. That would be extremely frivolous.

How is MMS taken or how to dose it?

Dosage and ingestion of MMS

There are numerous reports of people taking the chlorine dioxide in MMS orally. They usually dose the agent in drops. They gradually increase the dose. Others apply the remedy externally. They smear it on the skin or bathe in it. Still others make an enaersion with the mixture or even use it intravenously. That is, they inject the mixture into their body using a syringe.

Whether oral, intravenous or as an enema, the MMS always enters the body and bloodstream. The result may be symptoms of nausea and vomiting, diarrhea, severe intestinal damage, blood pressure disturbances, breathing disorders, pain and kidney failure. [6] In external application, the skin may also be corroded, while during internal application, burns on the mucous membranes are repeatedly reported.

The use of chlorine dioxide is therefore not recommended in any case. If there is a medical condition, it is always useful and important to contact a doctor who has the appropriate qualifications.

On the other hand, we should refrain from shady “healers”, self-proclaimed “energy therapists” and dubious websites that recommend taking preparations such as the disinfectant described here.

Conclusion: That’s why MMS is so harmful!

Conclusion MMS harmful

At first glance, the Jim Humble MMS may seem like a miracle cure that can help with almost every disease. On closer inspection, however, it becomes clear that this is nothing more than a classic disinfectant that is absolutely unsuitable for the treatment of diseases or even for injection. In the meantime, there are already some documented deaths that have occurred as a result of AN MMS application. Therefore, the use of this remedy should be discouraged in any case. [7]

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