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L-arginine capsules are now very popular. This is because they are able to increase the well-being and performance of the person concerned. Today, the dietary supplement is available to interested parties in various forms. In order for the agent to have its effect in a desired manner, some aspects must be taken into account in terms of form and dosage. This is especially true if you want to prevent side effects when taking L-arginine.

What is L-Arginine?

This term is an amino acid that is important for well-being and physical performance. [1] The human body is able to synthesize them itself. However, the amounts formed are not sufficient for L-arginine to have its effect. This is especially true in children, adolescents and athletes – these groups of people often have an increased need for the amino acid. Even in case of stress or after accidents, taking High Dose l-arginine capsules can be beneficial. Meanwhile, people who want to buy L-arginine are able to use that amino acid in various forms.

Versatile areas of application

L-arginine is mainly known to people who play sports. This supplement is nothing more than the precursor of nitric oxide. In the meantime, this substance is also used in everyday life as a dietary supplement. This is due to the positive properties that the amino acid brings. Thus, the drug can permanently increase the health of the person concerned if taken regularly. The ingredient is present on the one hand in L-arginine capsules and on the other hand in certain foods. These include, for example,

  • Peanuts
  • pine nuts,
  • Soybeans
  • Wheat germ,
  • Shrimp
  • Chicken and
  • Tuna

However, it is hardly possible to eat as much arginine as is necessary for a lasting improvement in performance or well-being through food. Therapists recommend a quantity between one and two grams per day. Therefore, it is definitely worth buying L-arginine. In the meantime, you can buy L-Arginine not only from the local retailer, but also online.

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How does L-arginine work?

The mode of action of the amino acid is versatile and depends on the dose as well as the time of ingestion. The great advantage of the active ingredient is that it can be used in many ways. Before users buy L-arginine, however, they should consider the effect of the product. The active ingredient ensures that the performance increases while at the same time the required amount of oxygen decreases. The amino acid is also used to reduce tension – both physical and psychological. Because cortisol levels are also increased by taking the drug.

The effect of L-arginine has been confirmed in several studies. In particular, the work of the School of Sport and Health Science at the University of Exeter is worth mentioning. Subjects showed a significant increase in performance after ingestion.

How a deficiency is noticeable

If there is a lack of arginine, this can contribute to the development of numerous ailments. Thus, an increased need for this amino acid is noticeable, among other things, by atherosclerosis, diabetes mellitus, performance disorders in the brain, wound healing disorders, susceptibility to infection, restlessness and insomnia, high blood pressure as well as mood swings.

It is particularly dangerous if the level of arginine is low, but the ADMA content in your organism is high. The so-called asymmetric di-methyl arginine is an adversary of L-arginine, which inhibits the conversion of it into nitric oxide. This leads to a NO deficiency. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure in good time a sufficient supply of the amino acid.

Which L-arginine is the best?

The most popular form of the supplement is L-arginine HCL (hydrochloride). The effect of the product can be increased by combining it with vitamins B6, B12 and B9 as well as with L-citrulline. In particular, the latter active substance slows down the breakdown of L-arginine in the organism. This allows the user to benefit from the positive effects of the dietary supplement for a longer period of time. However, L-arginine HCL is not the most effective variant of the active substance.

L-Arginine Base Leads to Sustained Success

An even better effect could be achieved with the L-arginine base. The base shows better bioavailability – this agent increases the level of nitric oxide in the organism more efficiently and permanently than the HCL form. [2]

Sugar cane molasses, which is GMO-free, is used to produce base. The extraction takes place in a slow fermentation process. Experience has shown that enzymes and bacteria can be completely released from the molasses in this way. Subsequently, a high-quality product such as the L-Arginine Base can be produced. After production, the base is examined for possible backlogs.

How the base differs from the HCL

There are sometimes large differences between the two forms of amino acid. Many of them also have an impact on the quality of the drug as well as the absorption capacity of the body.

  • The HCL variant is acidic, while the arginine base is basic.
  • The basic form is fermented, whereas L-arginine HCL is synthetically or chemically extracted.
  • Furthermore, the basic variant is vegetable and therefore also suitable for vegans.
  • The base also has a higher degree of purity and thus has a stronger effect.
  • The basic form is the higher-quality and more expensive product.

Overall, the arginine base is the more valuable variant of the amino acid. [3] Therefore, this type of L-arginine has no side effects.

The amino acid is available in these forms

The product is available in the form of tablets and capsules as well as as powder. Which variant users choose depends on the dosage and how they are taken.

L-Arginine with Maca Shows High Efficiency

L-arginine experience shows that the dietary supplement is particularly effective in combination with maca. The latter is a tuber discovered by the Incas in South America. L-arginine with maca has a promising effect, especially for potency problems, in women during menopause and in unfulfilled desire to have children.

But athletes also use the unique combination to improve performance. In specialist shops, it is therefore often offered with Maca. The L-arginine with maca is available to interested parties in powder form. If you want to buy this form of L-arginine, you should also pay attention to the quality of the product as well as the manufacturing process.

L-Arginine for sale

What complaints does L-arginine help against?

Interested people should think about taking the dietary supplement if they notice a drop in performance during exercise or feel generally weakened. General malaise can also be a sign of arginine deficiency.

Improving blood circulation

After ingestion, L-arginine spreads in the muscle layer. There, the active ingredient expands the vessels and thus ensures better blood circulation of the tissue. Not only the extremities, but also the organs of the person concerned are supplied with more blood. [4] This leads to increased well-being and better performance. By substituting the food with L-arginine HCL, the person concerned always has sufficient amounts of nitric oxide in the organism. This way, the white blood cells and platelets do not clump so quickly. The blood and lymph vessels also remain elastic, preventing the arteries from calcifying.

Increase in vascularity and strength of muscles

In addition, L-arginine leads to improved vascularity. This is an effect that benefits bodybuilders in particular. After the workout, the muscle then appears more plumper – also the veins emerge stronger, which has a positive influence on the overall optics.

In order for L-arginine to develop its effect optimally during sport, users should take it daily – this is especially true if a better blood circulation to the body is to be achieved in a timely manner. Bodybuilders take the remedy even before each training session. The distance between intake and training should be around 30 minutes. The L-arginine HCL can be taken between 3,000 and 5,000 milligrams before the training session. It is important that users eat the amount at once and at a light meal or on an empty stomach.

If the daily dose is higher, it is recommended to divide it up. To have an overview of the dosage, it is recommended to take the amino acid in the form of L-arginine capsules high dosed. If capsules are not available to users, they can also be taken in the form of a powder or as a liquid. According to experience, the distance to the training should be 15 minutes in this case.

Improving strength and endurance

L-arginine also boosts strength and endurance. Individuals who exercise long and intensively should definitely consider taking the supplement. The agent ensures that the smooth muscles relax – so the body can absorb more oxygen, which leads to an increase in performance. This is an advantage especially for endurance athletes.

In addition, the resilience of the muscles increases. In this way, the symptoms of fatigue do not occur so quickly. If the main goal is to increase endurance during cardio training, the dosage is different from strength sports. Because as an endurance athlete you usually have no interest in the so-called “muscle pump”. This limits the performance of running, cycling or swimming. So that the muscle does not get too hard, take a dosage of between 1,000 and 3,000 milligrams about 30 minutes before the workout.

L-arginine capsules, which are overdosed and swallowed on an empty stomach, prove to be particularly effective. [5] If you want to increase your performance permanently, you should take the capsules once in the morning and also after exercise.

Regeneration after sport

In addition, the remedy is proving to be a good support in terms of regeneration. The capsules ensure that the user is quickly back to strength. L-arginine HCL can be used to accelerate wound healing. The high level of nitric oxide ensures that injuries and inflammation heal faster.

Chronic ailments can also be permanently alleviated by taking the drug regularly. If taken immediately after training, it improves wound healing. At the same time, the L-arginine base ensures that the liver detoxifies faster. The body can thus break down waste products such as ammonia in just a short time.

Increased potency

Last but not least, the agent is also used to increase potency in men. After all, when it comes to erectile capacity, the nitric oxide budget plays an important role. This ensures that the smooth muscles relax and improves blood circulation. In this way, an increase in potency occurs at a corresponding L-arginine dosage. If the amino acid is to be used to increase erectile efficiency, it is recommended to take the capsules in a high dose. The daily amount should be between 3,000 and 6,000 milligrams.

In addition, an additional dose of 3,000 to 6,000 milligrams should be taken half to one hour before the sexual act. However, caution should be exercised if you are already taking other potency-enhancing medications. In this case, be sure to consult your doctor to avoid L-arginine side effects.

Treatment of Diabetes Mellitus

Capsules of high-dose capsules are also used to support the treatment of the symptoms of diabetes mellitus. The messenger substance nitric oxide influences the insulin sensitivity of the cells. This factor could be improved by up to 30 percent by taking the drug in people suffering from type 2 diabetes. In addition, a stabilization of blood pressure and an enlargement of the blood vessels were achieved in this group of persons.

Since the amino acid promotes blood circulation to the extremities, the use of L-arginine maca can alleviate the symptoms of atherosclerosis – which is particularly common in connection with type 2 diabetes. Experience also shows that regular intake can also lower blood pressure. However, you should not start therapy on your own. Especially if you are taking other medications, you must consult your doctor in advance.

Support for weight loss

A study by the University of Texas also found that the substance can help users break down fat. If the user’s main goal is to lose weight, this process can be accelerated by the correct dosage. This effect is due to the increased muscle building. This leads to an acceleration of metabolism, which also increases the basic turnover. The agent accelerates metabolism. Especially when users take it before training, L-arginine develops its effect. A dose of around 3,000 milligrams has been shown to be the most effective. This stimulates the metabolic rate and thus fat loss.

How is L-arginine taken?

Individuals who want to permanently increase their well-being by taking the amino acid must take the drug not only in the right dosage, but also at the right time. The type of treatment depends on the desired effect.

General tips for dosing and taking

In the meantime, the L-arginine HCL is available for you in both animal and plant form. In terms of quality, there are no significant differences – because both variants are pure arginine.

In general, the active ingredient is considered to be well tolerated. However, if you have any questions, please contact a doctor. This is especially true if you have a chronic or serious illness such as cancer. In general, however, you do not have to expect side effects when taking L-arginine. Since this is a substance produced by the body, it is not toxic.

However, if you want to buy L-arginine, you should make sure that it is the product of a reputable manufacturer. Only users can be sure that they are taking high-quality ingredients. If side effects are to be avoided, it is recommended to take into account the recommended intake.

Caution should also be exercised when taking the medicine with other medications. L-arginine side effects can also occur – so it is best to consult with a doctor.

To maximize the impact

In order for L-arginine to fully develop its effects, you should take the remedy in combination with other amino acids and vitamins. Thus, the bioavailability of the substance can be improved by the addition of pepper extract by up to 40 percent. As a rule, it is sufficient if you take a daily amount of 3,000 milligrams and with a light meal. If the dosage is higher, you should distribute it throughout the day. For products, you should always pay attention to the quantity. With the indication “L-arginine HCL 1,000 milligrams” only 70 percent effective arginine is present in the dietary supplement – the remaining 30 percent is accounted for by the stabilizer HCL.


L-arginine is a dietary supplement that improves the performance and well-being of the user. Thus, the use of the drug can be recommended for individuals of all ages. One of the biggest advantages of amino acid is its wide range of applications. This can not only be used for an improved energy supply during exercise, but can also be used to relieve the symptoms of chronic conditions such as type 2 diabetes mellitus.

In order to achieve lasting success with the product, you must resort to a high-quality product. The active substance is particularly recommended in the form L-arginine base. According to studies and the experience of previous users, this variant promises the best and most lasting effect at the right dosage.

Furthermore, it is important to observe the consumption recommendations. This is the only way users ensure that they achieve the desired effect by taking the amino acid.

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