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Guarana is a climbing plant of the family of soap trees and grows mainly in the Amazon. For centuries, indigenous tribes in the Amazon have been taking advantage of the euphoric effect of the medicinal herb. Today, the plant is grown in Paraguay, Venezuela and Brazil and exported to the whole world. In the Federal Republic of Germany, too, there has been an increasing demand for stimulant for years. The brown powder is said to have healing powers in addition to a stimulant effect. The positive effects of taking it have now been proven by scientific studies. In this country, the product can be found as a coffee substitute or in cosmetics. On the positive side, compared to coffee and tea, the good digestibility is noticeable. Students and students are also benefiting from increased performance and improved mental abilities. In the trade it appears in the form of tablets, powders or capsules. The substance is also available in chocolate, fruit tea, chewing gum or energy drinks.

What is Guarana?

Paullinia cupana is a climbing plant that grows mainly in the Amazon and belongs to the Sapindaceae family. It grows as a liana or tendril and reaches a growth height of a maximum of 12 meters. The fruit of the climbing plant is a three-fan capsule fruit that turns red when ripe and contains one to three seeds. The guarana powder known to us is extracted from these seeds. Indigenous tribes of the Amazon have been using the seeds of the climbing plant for centuries as a medicine against all kinds of ailments.

Also known as Brazilian cocoa, the stimulant was already used as an energy dispenser at that time. Nowadays, Brazilians take Guarana tablets for various symptoms such as fever, migraine, high blood pressure, headache or nausea. The plant got its name from the characteristic shape of the ripe fruit, which resembles a human eye. The name is derived by the term Warana, which roughly translates as ”The Eye of the People”.

In Europe, the plant and its effect have been known since the 16th century. However, the stimulant substance has only been gaining popularity for a few years. This explosion in popularity is probably due to the recently scientifically proven positive and healing effect of the plant. Due to the high demand of the Western nations, Guarana developed into an export hit in Brazil. The plant is grown and processed wild by indigenous tribes in Brazil. The resulting product is stronger in shape than the product artificially grown in special plants.

It is commercially available in different dosage forms. If you want to buy guarana, you can buy capsules, tablets, pastes or foods mixed with the substance in addition to the pure powder.

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The effect of Guarana?

The main active ingredient of the seeds of the plant is the well-known caffeine. This substance is due to the stimulating guarana effect of the extract. However, the product from Brazil exceeds the caffeine content of coffee. While a common coffee bean has a caffeine content of about one to two percent, the seed capsules of the Brazilian climbing plant contain up to eight percent. The caffeine is present in almost quadruple concentration in the Brazilian fruits.

However, the effect of the substance is not solely the result of caffeine. The guarana fruits contain other important components such as theobromine, various alkaloids and theophylline. These substances, which are not found in commercial coffee, could be the reason for the different effects of the two stimulants. It is assumed that there is a perfect interplay between the high amount of caffeine and other substances, which improves mental performance and combats fatigue. The other substances, theophylline and theobromine, stimulate the nerve center and demand blood circulation. In addition, the vasodilator effect helps against breathing difficulties such as asthma.

According to the latest scientific findings, the product acts as an antioxidant and can thus prevent harmful lipid oxidationeven in small doses. By taking guarana tablets, the formation of free radicals in the body and the associated oxidative stress can be prevented. Oxidative stress is the cause of many diseases such as cancer, coronary heart disease, autoimmune diseases or atherosclerosis. It also accelerates aging processes in the body. [1]

Taking Guarana tablets increases blood sugar levels. Hypoglycemia and its negative side effects such as stress, heavy sweating or nausea can also be prevented. By stabilizing the blood sugar level, the feeling of hunger remains within the balanced framework, which is why taking tablets or capsules during a diet is recommended.

Thanks to its health-promoting effect, the product has gained such notoriety in the Western Hemisphere in recent years and is now being traded as a natural life elixir. Guarana capsules or guarana tablets are mainly popular because they are easy and easy to take. The following substances are contained in pure preparations in percentage terms:

  • Caffeine: 4 – 8
  • Theophylline: 0.25
  • Theobromine: 0.02 – 0.04
  • Epicatechin: 3
  • Catechin: 6
  • Tannins: 12
  • Saponins and minerals: 3 – 4

The best product?

A high-quality product on the European market is Guarana forte of the Brand Sanasis. Instead of the usual 4 – 8 caffeine, the guarana extract contains 10 caffeine. It is therefore one of the strongest dietary supplements available here. Due to the increased concentration, the Guarana capsules act more strongly than conventional guarana powders. This high concentration is achieved by the addition and use of fruits of wild plants. The product also contains an extract of Acerola cherry. In addition to vitamin C, essential minerals as well as phytonutrients are found in the Acerola extract. Effective antioxidants, which contribute to strengthening the body’s immune defences and eliminating free radicals, have also been detected in the Acerola cherry.

The mixture of both extracts is filled into a hard capsule of cellulose. No other additives, flavourings or preservatives were used. Due to the dosage form, the caffeine is gently released to the organism. Nausea or other ailments that may be caused by coffee consumption are absent. The product is therefore an optimal alternative for those who do not want to give up caffeine, but do not tolerate it well. Especially people with high performance requirements, such as athletes or athletes, benefit from the consistent and noticeable effect of the preparation. Each capsule contains 364 mg guarana extract powder and 136 mg acerola extract powder. A daily dose of two capsules is recommended, depending on the desired effect. If you want to buy Guarana, the online shop recommended here is the best place to shop. In order to be able to buy Guarana, no proof of age is required.

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What complaints does Guarana alleviate?

The stimulant substance is often taken because of its stimulant and cheerful effect. However, it is also increasingly used in medicine. In the case of medical use, the exact dosage plays a role in order to achieve the desired effect and to specifically alleviate the discomfort. The dosage form also determines the effect of the preparation.

Against headaches and alcohol poisoning

The guarana effect is excellent for countering side effects of alcohol poisoning, popularly known as hangovers. The caffeine contained has a positive effect on metabolism and stimulates the cardiovascular system. Even for the already battered stomach, the product is well digestible, as the caffeine, unlike coffee, is not already absorbed in the stomach. Only the intestine absorbs the active ingredients of the preparation and prevents further nausea. Depending on the strength of the powder, one to a maximum of two teaspoons dissolved in water is sufficient to relieve the symptoms of alcohol poisoning. However, the intake does not compensate for the electrolyte deficiency and lack of fluid of the body.

Supporting the acceptance

Due to the caffeine contained in the extract, the basic turnover can be increased by up to 15. Thus, taking it has a positive effect on body weight or a planned diet. The additional consumption of up to 300 kilocalories per day seems to be small at first glance, but in the month it results in an additional consumption of up to 9000 kilocalories, which corresponds to one kilogram of pure fat. Even the feeling of hunger or cravings can be suppressed by taking it. This effect is achieved by the blood sugar stabilizing effect of the guarana extract. In combination with a balanced diet and sport, the medicinal plant can reach its full potential and support a planned decline.

In cosmetics

As a natural remedy, it has a rejuvenating and invigorating effect on the skin. For this reason, cosmetics are supplemented with the extract. The market currently includes washing gels, body lotions or creams. It is also available as an anti-cellulite gel because it is designed to combat existing cellulite. In principle, the treatment has a positive effect on the general skin and complexion. This effect is also due to the caffeine contained in the extract. The skin is better blooded and supplied with nutrients. Lost head hair cannot restore the extract, but shampoos can be preventative.

Against a cold

Scientifically, an effect as a home remedy against colds or flu-like infections has not yet been proven. Because of the good digestibility and the potential relief of various ailments, the extract is also suitable for taking against colds. Basically, the product only fights the symptoms of the disease, not the trigger directly. On the one hand, it has an invigorating effect and counteracts matitity, on the other hand it expands the bronchi and facilitates the coughing off of stuck mucus. After-effects, guarana extract can contribute to accelerated recovery after a pending illness. Taking it by strengthening the immune system can also have a positive effect preventively.

In conjunction with ginseng

Ginseng is a medicinal herb native to China, which is said to have a stimulating effect. The roots of the plant are mainly medically usable. They are intended to improve memory performance and stimulate metabolism. The main ingredients of the ginseng are ginsenosides. These are saponins and occur exclusively in ginseng. In addition, the medicinal plant contains vitamin C, vitamin B as well as minerals such as magnesium, sodium, potassium, calcium or zinc. Although it would be unthinkable in traditional Chinese medicine to use ginseng in conjunction with the Brazilian medicinal herb, some mixed preparations can be found on the market today. In various studies, the predominantly positive interaction of the two substances has been certified. Thus, mixed consumption is supposed to increase mental performance and eliminate general disruptive factors such as fatigue and matteness. However, it is not recommended to use the ginseng extract beyond three months.

Use in modern medicine

Doctors from Europe became aware of the medicinal herb as early as the early 20th century. It was mainly prescribed for fever, convulsions or headaches. Even then, the health-promoting effects of the guarana extract were proven and known by scientific studies. The extracts of the plant were then mainly mixed with antispasmodic drugs. In the course of the research, its antibacterial effect was discovered. It also has a blood-diluting effect and protects against thrombosis.

How is the substance taken?

The dosage of pure guarana powder can prove difficult at the beginning. Basically, each product must be dosed differently, as the concentration of the active substance as well as the addition of by-products varies. [2] The exact dosage can be asked directly by the manufacturer or treating physician. A healthy, adult person tolerates between 400 and 600 milligrams of caffeine, depending on his condition, age and weight. This amount corresponds to about eight cups of coffee. It is not recommended to take before bed because of potential sleep disturbances.

Preparation of a tea

For a stimulating and exhilarate tea, two to three grams of guarana extract are enough. The powder can be dissolved in both cold and hot water. For optimal effect, let the powder be pulled for a few minutes before consumption. The resulting soil set is not suitable for consumption. Such a tea is comparable in quantity to a large, strong cup of coffee. However, the guarana effect on this type of preparation is easier to control. [3]

Dosage of Guarana Capsules

The dosage for capsules is simple. In most cases, the manufacturer specifies the recommended daily dose. It is also necessary to signify how much caffeine is contained per capsule. In most cases, a daily dose is between two and three capsules taken with water. The capsules are consumed depending on the desired effect at once or over the day. For an optimal guarana effect, the preparation should be taken before meals, as the caffeine is better absorbed by the intestineins in this way. Since various preparations, especially in high dosages, inhibit a feeling of thirst, it is recommended to pay attention to a plentiful intake of liquids.

Dosage of Guarana Powder

Guarana extract in the form of pure powder is difficult to dose accurately. Since each product varies in strength, a uniform dosage cannot be recommended. [4] Depending on the product and amount of caffeine, four to five grams are sufficient to achieve a euphoric effect. Since powder is easier to overdose than other dosage forms, caution is required here.

Intake for children

Up to the age of eight, children should not come into contact with the effect, as caffeine can have a negative effect on the child’s development and sleep behaviour. Adolescents from the age of 14 years can safely eat guarana extract in smaller doses.

Possible side effects

The product contains a large proportion of caffeine. Consumers can expect mild side effects such as insomnia or nausea if they overdose. [5] The following side effects have been documented with overdose or improper ingestion:

  • Insomnia
  • Headache
  • Irritability
  • Nausea
  • Tremors

A daily quantity of a maximum of 5 grams of powder is recommended. The exact dose depends on the manufacturer and the concentration of the powder. After prolonged use, a tolerance development and dependence on the product can be observed. Mild withdrawal symptoms such as irritability, concentration disorders and insomnia can occur the first few days after discontinuation of a preparation.


The substance, like coffee or tea, is a naturally occurring stimulant. It is based purely on plant and is generally difficult to overdose. The intake stimulates the circulation and metabolism and thus naturally ensures an improved performance.

In addition to its stimulant effect, the stimulant has a positive effect on the overall health of the consumer. Even low doses combat antioxidant stress and thus have a preventive effect against various diseases of civilization such as cancer, coronary heart disease or general aging processes.

The cosmetics industry has also become aware of the positive, skin-rejuvenating guarana effect and adds the extract to various products such as shampoos or creams.

Those who want to buy Guarana are therefore no longer limited to oral intake. Basically, consumption can cause side effects, but these are usually caused by an overdose of a drug. By proper use and compliance with the indicated dosage recommendation, potential side effects can be avoided. [6] Due to its extremely digestible and easily digestible properties, capsules are the optimal alternative to coffee. Unlike coffee, the caffeine of the guarana extract is not absorbed in the stomach, but only in the intestine. Nowadays, it is easy and fast to buy Guarana in various online shops.

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