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Glucosamine,the amino sugar for a strong, stable cartilage and against osteoarthritis and the associated pain. Is there anything wrong with the myth? Does amino sugar really help the human body to strengthen cartilage and joints, thus preventing osteoarthritis and alleviating pain?

In this guide you will find all the necessary information that is worth knowing before taking the drug. [1] Recommended dietary supplements that protect the cartilage and support it in production can also be found here. The protection of cartilage and joints is an issue that is important at any age and should therefore not be ignored. Osteoarthritis and arthritis can affect everyone, age does not matter. The effect should therefore be examined more closely.

What is glucosamine?

Glucosamine is an amino sugar produced by the chemical compound of glucose. It differs from this only by the amino group on the second carbon. The building block is important in the body for cartilage preservation and for the connective tissue. Glucosamines are commonly found in cartilage protection supplements.

Also in medicine, the amino sugar is used to relieve pain in mild and moderate osteoarthritis. In medicine, powders and capsules are very popular and in most cases well tolerated. As the body’s metabolic functions decrease as they get older and joints become porous and brittle, it is important to slow down this process and support the body with the important nutrients in the form of dietary supplements.

But it is not only in old age that the problem with cartilage loss exists. Young people can also be confronted with this issue. [2] Factors such as obesity, excessive exposure to exercise or work, or bone misalignment are crucial for pain in the joints. A healthy diet, regulation of body weight and sufficient exercise, such as swimming, can counteract osteoarthritis. Regular intake is conducive to this.

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What is the glucosamine effect?

According to studies, glucosamine sulfate, which is administered in combination with chondroitin, is good for cartilage and joints and prevents osteoarthritis and arthritisas this supports cartilage preservation. [3] Since the cartilage matrix is a living but not blood-stained tissue, it takes movement so that the necessary building materials, which are transported to the cartilage via the joint fluid, can be massaged in. If there is too little movement, this can lead to cracks that trigger the painful osteoarthritis. This can therefore affect anyone. Whether overweight or not, you have a job in which you hardly move and sit mainly after work, the risk of osteoarthritis or arthritis is high even at a young age. Glucosamine is produced in the cartilage cell, but requires the enzyme glucosamine synthase. In old age, this is often no longer as active as it was at a young age and should therefore be taken by dietary supplements. The amount and duration of the intake must be taken into account.

Since some dietary supplements that contain glucosamines are made from the chitin tank of crustaceans, in case of an allergy to marine animals, the remedy should be tested for intolerance before it is taken. In general, glucosamine sulfates are well tolerated. [4]

Which glycosamine is the best?

In our test, MSM forte performed best with glucosamine + chondroitin (manufacturer Sanasis).

MSM stands for methylsulfonylmethane and is a dietary supplement. Sulfur is an important component of the body and occurs in almost all organisms on Earth. Methylsulfonylmethane is a reliable source of sulfur for the body. This compound is established by microorganisms in the soil. In addition to sulfur, glucosamine is included in the capsules. This is especially recommended if you already suffer from osteoarthritis or want to prevent it. The 59 gram capsules contain 270 mg MSM, 210 mg chondroitin sulfate (derived from fish), 0.5 mg manganese, 305 mg glucosamine, and 5 mg vitamin E. 2 of the capsules filled with powder, among other things, should be taken with water per day. This product is a dietary supplement that provides the body with important building blocks for cartilage preservation. The shells of the capsules are made of vegetable materials and without gelling agents.

In second place is Regulatpro Arthro (manufacturer Dr. Niedermaier). Regulatpro Arthro is a liquid and high-quality dietary supplement. Cascade fermentation splits the sun-ripened fruits and nuts in different fermentation stages. Thus, soul and solar energy are released from the product and merged with enzymes, 50000 plant substances, right-turning lactic acid (L+) and important components from fermentation cultures. The special feature of the solution is that glucosamine sulfate in liquid state can be absorbed significantly better by the bodythan in solid form. [5]

Before taking the dietary supplements, it is important to pay attention to which allergens are contained in the individual products and whether they are suitable for children or, for example, in the case of pregnancy.


What complaints do glucosamines help against?

To prevent osteoarthritis, it is useful to support the body with the intake of chondroitin. Here, care should be taken to ensure that the body can process the allergens and that more discomfort does not arise as a result of ingestion. Capsules and powders are usually well tolerated. If this is the case, the daily intake should be at least 1500 milligrams. The drug should be taken over a period of three to four months. With a shorter intake of lower dosed agents, no secured cartilage build-up is to be proven and the effect is not promising.

If osteoarthritis is already present, a healthy diet should also be taken in addition to the intake of glucosamine sulfates. The person concerned should also pay attention to sufficient exercise. Only then can the body supply enough building materials to the cartilage, which can then be converted there.

Glucosamine chondroitin is included in many dietary supplements that contribute to bone strengthening. The glucosamine sulfate obtained from shellfish in combination with the chondroitin obtained from slaughterhouse waste (for example from the trachea or bone marrow) and sulfur sulfate are a good support for the body. The Regulatpro Arthro of the manufacturer Dr. Niedermaier, recommended in the previous section, is a way to do something good for the body.

How are glucosamine capsules taken or how to use/dose them?

Chondroitin obtained from the shells of crustaceans should be taken for a period of at least three to four months. Only if taken over this period can the build-up of the cartilage be sufficiently and long-term supported. An amount of 1500 milligrams of glucomin sulfate should be consumed daily. The dietary supplements are available as powders, capsules, tablets and in liquid form. The intake should be supported by a balanced diet and exercise. [6] Old running shoes should be replaced by new, joint-gentle models, the car can be replaced with the bike and the elevator should be avoided. If the body is supported in cartilage build-up and maintenance, then taking dietary supplements containing glucosamine can ensure healthy joints inthe long term. The effect can really be unfolded.

Conclusion: Why are glucosamines so healthy?

The body needs some building materials to maintain, which are usually produced in the individual body regions or are transported to the respective places by blood and joint fluids. These processes are invisible to humans. The system of the human body performs an impressive performance every day. The need for these processes to subside with age is therefore self-evident. After all, an older person is not as fast as a younger person. The production of important building blocks decreases or is significantly slowed down. As shown here, cracks in the joints and cartilage can occur.

To delay the process of aging, everyone has their own methods. Some people pay attention to a healthy diet, sufficient sleep and exercise. In any case, these factors contribute to a healthy life. If you exclude obesity, you pay attention to the right sports when exercising and high-quality shoes when running you do the body a lot of good in any case.

If there is already pain from osteoarthritis, it is important to act. Here, a food change alone usually does not help. Particularly popular in this case are dietary supplements containing glucosamine sulfate. The effect has been tested in some studies and has proven that cartilage pain can be relieved. Only the intake of glucosamine alone is of course not enough to fight osteoarthritis, but helps cartilage in strengthening.

The fact that glucosamine and chondroitin are produced from animal products shows that these agents are necessary products in the body. Both products are made from waste products, so no animals have to die for this. Glucosamines are made from shellfish tanks. These are very chitin-containing and therefore very good sources. Chondroitin, a building material present in the bone, is said to have a similar effect to the glucosamine powder. Chondroitin is also produced from animal products. In most cases, these are slaughterhouse waste. Especially in trachea and bone marrow, this building material is very highly enriched.

So if you want to do something good for your body, you should take capsules and powders in addition to good nutrition and adequate exercise. The body is demonstrably supported by taking powder or similar products in strengthening cartilage and joints. [7]

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