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If you like to start the day fit and want to be protected from free radicals, you should buy Astaxanthin . The preparation is one of the strongest antioxidantscurrently on the market. The product not only helps to increase physical fitness, but is also suitable for increasing mental performance. This strengthens the physical immune system,which is a good protection against the risk of a cold and many other diseases. The substance is not only one of the first means of choice for regeneration after sport, but helps many people, young or old. Those who move a lot benefit from a rapidly available energy. Older adopters feel the beneficial effect and feel relaxed and efficient for the first time in years. The reasons why the food works so well and how it works are described below.

What is Astaxanthin?

Astaxanthin is a dye naturally present in some plants. It belongs to the group of carotenoids and bears a resemblance to carotene, which is mainly found in yellow and orange fruits and vegetables. Carotenoids are of great importance for health. Because they develop a protective functionin animals and humans after ingestion.

The active substance astaxanthin is mainly formed in microalgae. In particular, a high occurrence of the active substance was detected in the blood rain algae (Haematococcus pluvialis). In nature, fish, birds and crustaceans mainly benefit from the substance they absorb via microalgae. It gives salmon the orange hue and enables them to swim energetically to their spawning grounds. The fabric gives birds the energy they need to endure a long distance in the air. In addition, the substance dyes the plumage of the birds reddish brown. The tank of the crustaceans is coloured in a reddish-orange hue by eating the microalgae.

The additive astaxanthin is also known as E16lj, it is approved as a addition to the rearing of edible fish. When the preparation is supplied with animal feed for salmon trout and salmon, one milligram of astaxanthin per 100 grams of salmon is calculated to achieve a positive effect. The products available on the market for humans are available as standard as astaxanthin 4 mg.

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How does astaxanthin work?

The active substance provides protection against free radicals. It is stored in the membranes, the so-called double lipid layers of the cells. It also positively influences the mitochondria, the cell power plants of the body. Therefore, the molecule develops a protective effect by spanning the membranes. The important monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fatty acids in the body, also known as omega-3 and omega-6, are protected from free radical damage. This allows them to act unhindered on the organism.

Astaxanthin prevents the formation of reactive and toxic substances in the body. These could otherwise damage the cell structure of DNA. The substance is fat soluble. The simultaneous intake of astaxanthin and omega-3 fatty acids achieves a synergistic effect as the two active ingredients complement each other. This benefits athletes who feel fitter and healthier and thus increase their performance.

In a clinical study, it was shown that the active substance had a positive influence on the cell’s own structures. The capacity of the antioxidants decreased measurably. This is due to the fact that the production of enzymes that counteract the antioxidants such as dismutase, catalase or peroxidase is intensified. Cell damage which leads to the aging of the cells, their degeneration or cell death is prevented. A dosage of astaxanthin 12 mg is already sufficient to instill the antioxidant effect and to develop effective protection.

In some experiments with mice, it has been shown that astaxanthin activates the longevity gene FOXO3a. Activation of this gene leads to a weakening of age-related diseases such as cardiovascular discomfort and heart failure in old age. Older people feel healthier and more alive by activating this gene.

Further studies show that the substance acts three times more strongly than lutein and 11 times stronger than beta-carotene. [1] In experimental series, it has been proven that astaxanthin is 500 times stronger than vitamin E and 50 times stronger than beta-carotene. In addition, it has been shown that astaxanthin is 60 times stronger than vitamin C. After ingestion, cell damage caused by oxidants is up to ten times more effective than in natural carotenoids. It is 1000 times more effective than alpha-tocopherol. This is a form of vitamin E. Astaxanthin is currently considered one of the strongest antioxidants known.

Effective Overview:

  • works against free radicals
  • prevents cell damage to DNA
  • activates the longevity gene FOXO3a
  • has a positive effect on the cells

Which product is the best?

It is difficult to say which preparation is better than another, as the products are created with the utmost care. Due to the composition, the method of production and the mode of action, the following products are recommended:

Liposomal astaxanthin: good absorption conditions for the human organism

Liposomal products have the property of treating poorly absorbable substances such as vitamins and plant extracts for the human body. This is achieved by a so-called phospholipid complex. Phospholipids, which are obtained from sunflowers grown in Europe, form a valuable raw material. The human organism absorbs substances made available to it by phosphatidylcholine. Phosphatidylcholine is a substance produced by the human cells themselves.

The phospholipid complex acts like a Trojan horse, which can freely inject the active ingredients contained in it into the human body. This allows all important goals of the active substance to be achieved without first being destroyed by the organism. This is especially true of the digestive tract, which destroys most of the substances supplied before they have a way of developing their healing mode of action in the cells. By using the phospholipid complex, the premature destruction of the remedies is avoided.

How are liposomal formulations produced?

For the preparation of liposomal formulations a special production process is used. First, the raw materials are mixed and exposed to intense ultrasonic waves and high shear forces in a special process. During the process, pressure of more than 500 bar is exerted on the raw materials. A specially manufactured control software initiates a process by which the high-purity phospholipids are exposed to a high amount of energy. After that, liposome formation takes place in the appropriate order of magnitude. According to studies, liposomal formulations have a multiple higher absorption rate,which increases the effectiveness of the substances provided.

What experiences are there?

Some people who searched in vain in conventional medicine for relief of their ailments found that they could not be helped. After they decided to buy Astaxanthin, their complaints improved quite quickly. There are numerous astaxanthin experiences that confirm similar things. The people who took the product learned how the healing effect was already apparent after a short period of time. The experience relates in particular to liposomal astaxanthin. After the experience of a preparation prepared with the substance phosphatidylcholine, it was reported in the astaxanthin experiences that the active substance was fully made available to the organism. As a result, the intake could be helped quickly. This also applies to taking astaxanthin high doses. According to the experience, astaxanthin can be taken high doses over a longer period of time.

Buy Astaxanthin

What complaints does astaxanthin help against?

The active substance is generally referred to as a “radical catcher”. The active substance renders destructive particles harmless at the molecular level, which would otherwise have had the possibility of causing some diseases. [2] The “Free Radicals” work invisibly and unnoticed in the background. These harmful particles react quickly and can cause sudden discomfort without a history. This is especially true in connection with inflammatory processes in the body. The substance acts quickly and neutralizes the free radicals in the body. This renders them harmless. People feel comfortable and healthy again.

This effect has astaxanthin in inflammation

Inflammation is a process in the body in which the free radicals have participated. Many people believe that the body has enough defenses to eliminate the free radicals and the inflammation. A young and strong organism is probably capable of this. But the older and weaker a person is, the more difficult it becomes for the body to eliminate inflammation on its own. In addition, young and powerful people welcome them if they are helped quickly and recovery progresses rapidly. By taking the product, the body’s own defenses are supported. The inflammations are quickly and effectively brought to a halt.

Many people discover late that they suffer from a serious illness. In concealed inflammatory processes in the body, fatigue or insomnia, inflammation in the body is usually not detected. Athletes in particular often suffer from painful changes in the joints and do not recognize the reason. Probably an injury is not sufficiently healed or small cracks in the muscle fibers cause pain. The active ingredient can shorten such painful periods. After ingestion, rest ingestion phases can alternate more quickly with high-energy phases. The success in sport and thus also the satisfaction are set.

Studies have shown that the agent can assist the body in inflammatory processes. The substance has a healing effect in inflammatory processes.

For a strong immune defence

Astaxanthin is one of the most effective known antioxidants. The substance astaxanthin is said to strengthen the immune system and have a positive influence on the structure of the cells. Therefore, VegAstin is recommended for people who want to buy astaxanthin to obtain a remedy for strengthening the immune system. As a result, cold viruses have little chance of spreading in the body. Other viruses or bacteria are also quickly eliminated by the organism. [3]

Help with cell protection

Astaxanthin capsules are currently the most effective means to protect the cells. The preparations help to carry out effective health care. Comprehensive cell protection can help to increase energy, strength and endurance, which is especially suitable for athletes.

If you want to be healthy and vital for the whole of your life, you should buy Astaxanthin. The remedy is not only the first choice for athletes when it comes to health care and prevention. The example of wild salmon, which must remain active over long distances, already shows how strong the active ingredient is. Therefore, older people in particular benefit from cell protection.

Fatigue symptoms such as fatigue, weakness, soreness of muscle or overtension are less common. Because astaxanthin prevents the oxidation,which occurs automatically during strong movement, and inhibits the release of free radicals. These are released up to twelve times more strongly in any kind of effort and movement than at rest. Therefore, capsules help some people who move a lot every day. This can be the case with gardening, heavy work or movements in household work. By taking the drug, the body regenerates faster after exertion. Engagings get fit and powerful faster.

For sun protection

The mode of action of beta-carotene as natural sun protection is known to many people. Astaxanthin outperforms the antioxidant effects of beta-carotene many times over. [4] The skin is therefore much better protected after taking only 4 mg daily over a four-week period than with beta-carotene. The product is well tolerated due to its natural method of manufacture.

Can it be used to fight cancer?

Astaxanthin is not a miracle cure for cancer. Nevertheless, it can be used helpfully as an accompanying agent to make cancer patients feel more comfortable. The agent counteracts the inflammations that have been in the body for a long time and are one of the co-triggers for the growths. With a tumor in the brain, patients can benefit from the fact that the active ingredient can pass through the blood-brain barrier. The mode of action in the treatment of brain diseases has already been proven in numerous animal experiments.

Does it work in atherosclerosis?

In arterial diseases, inflammatory processes are often the cause. Free radicals attach themselves to cell walls and gradually destroy them. The people affected take note of this as pain. The body hits its defensive reactions, which often leads to swelling and other discomfort. The body sends the protein HDL to remove damaged cells. This transports the cholesterol. If this does not happen fast enough, plaque forms, which narrows the blood vessels. This creates the conditions for the development of atherosclerosis. The active ingredient reduces the free radicals in the body. Metabolism can normalize, while humans feel more comfortable and gradually become pain-free.

These diseases are treatable with astaxanthin

Inflammation in the body is one of the main causes of some diseases. High-dose astaxanthin can be used to treat the following diseases:

  • Inflammation
  • Cold
  • Cell protection
  • Sunscreen
  • accompanying in cancer therapy
  • Arthritis and osteoarthritis
  • Rheumatism
  • Headaches and migraines

Astaxanthin acts as an additional remedy in the context of a medically prescribed therapy. [5] The remedy can be used for complaints. However, patients with a serious medical condition should always check the causes with a doctor and, if the indication is available, take the recommended medications.

Side effects?

Astaxanthin ist ein Stoff, der natürlich ist und in den Körperzellen produziert wird. Der Wirkstoff, der zu den Carotinoiden gehört, ist frei von bekannten Nebenwirkungen. Selbst bei der Einnahme von Astaxanthin hochdosiert treten keine Nebenwirkungen auf. Nach der Einnahme kann es zu einer Rötung der Haut kommen, was durch die Carotinoide hervorgerufen wird. Eine gesundheitsschädigende Wirkung ist unbekannt.

How is Astaxanthin taken?

If you want to buy astaxanthin, it is best to choose a product that allows the right dosage every day. [6] The capsules are available in the dosage form with 4 mg astaxanthin. A dosage of astaxanthin 12 mg is generally recommended. Astaxanthin 12 mg or high dosecan can be taken throughout the day. For taking astaxanthin 12 mg, in this case, only the amount of capsules taken needs to be increased.

The astaxanthin capsules are based on purely plant-based products and therefore contain some additives that are also herbal. In addition, the capsules may contain synergnotic concomitants, which enhance the mode of action of the agent. In the Us, the recommended daily dose is up to astaxanthin 12 mg. In Switzerland, it is recommended not to exceed the dose of 4 mg per day. When choosing the pack size, it is advantageous to pay attention to whether astaxanthin should be taken high doses with astaxanthin 12 mg per day. [7] Because then it might be worth buying a larger pack of astaxanthin immediately.

Conclusion: Why is astaxanthin so healthy?

The substance is an antioxidant derived from algae. The agent captures free radicals more effectively than is possible through a large part of other active ingredients. The product reduces the reaction of fats with harmful free radicals. This avoids the emergence of DNA-harmful substances. The drug is being investigated in research for its performance-enhancing, cancer-preventing, immune-stimulating, antidiabetic, cardio- and neuroprotective properties. Human research is still ongoing. But it is already clear that the substance has had an astonishingly positive effect in animals. The first study results in relation to humanoid cell cultures prove these results.

The active ingredient is comparable to superfood, which brings benefits for improved health for many people. There are certain groups that can benefit from the active substance. Persons suffering from a disease affecting the brain, skin, eyes or joints can benefit from the healing effect of the substance. In addition, the remedy has a positive effect on allergy sufferers. In addition, athletes and people who move a lot enjoy a rapid regeneration after taking the drug. [8] This is a beneficial experience after periods of high exertion or competition, when the muscles and joints regenerate faster than before without taking the drug.

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