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The basic building blocks of our body are essential amino acids (AS). They are characterized in the structure that they contain nitrogen, while the fats and carbohydrates do not have this. Therefore, the AS are ideal if you want to positively influence tissues, organs, muscles, skin and hair. AS are considered to be precursors of enzymes and neurotransmitters and are often even underestimated. They regulate many metabolic processes in the organism and are important for a healthy body. AS can be taken as capsules, amino acids complex, liquid, powder or tablets. Buy amino acids and nutrients as well as oxygen is transported into the body. Antibodies are predominantly from AS and this proves that if we lack these acids, our immune system suffers from them. We can call these substances ‘all-rounders’, because most of the hormones are also from them.

What are amino acids?

They are also called “aminocarboxylic acids” or outdated “amido acids” and are chemically a compound of the amino group and the carboxylic acid group. Thus, you are the important building blocks of proteins and always serve the structure of the body tissue. They are considered to be an important basic substance of our organism.

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How do amino acids work?

It is important to know that the essential AS (amino acids) cannot be produced by the organism and should therefore be absorbed via our food. These substances include:

  • L-leucine
  • L-isoleucine
  • L-lysine
  • L-methionine
  • L-phenylalanine
  • L-Threonine
  • L-Tryptophan
  • L-Valin.

It is very interesting that one-fifth of our entire body actually consists of proteins and AS. Especially our skin, our muscles and our bones are very protein-rich. The AS is important for growth, so that the tissue can be constantly renewed.

A protein deficiency means that the fingernails, toe nails, skin and hair do not grow well and the wound healing is disturbed. In this case, capsules or a complex, as well as amino acids would be liquid valuable. Those who want to buy amino acids should know that there are over 200 AS, but are usually referred to as the most important 22 proteinogenic AS. These are the ones that can form body tissues and proteins. They can be purchased as tablets or amino acids complex as well as as amino acids liquid and are used in sports or medicine.

Amino acid sequence is a peptide sequence or “protein sequence”. This is a sequence of different AS within a protein. With the amino acid sequence, the polypeptide chain of the protein is particularly referred to. The amino acid sequence also shows how valuable the AS are and the amino acid sequence also shows how important these substances are for health.

In medicine, the capsules, the amino acids are used liquid, the powder or the tablets as well as vitamins, minerals or trace elements. Whether capsules or powders: they are an integral part of the so-called “orthomolecular medicine” and are used here in natural remedies.

However, if you want to buy AS, you should always pay attention to high quality when buying, for example, the powder or the tablets. Buying amino acids means paying attention to quality, just like with the right diet. Amino acids for weight loss, amino acids against wrinkles, amino acids sports and fitness, for everything 8 essential amino acids are valuable. They are the content of various clinical trials and white preventive and also therapeutic effects on.

The MAP protein is a combination of eight essential amino acids that are ideal in their combination. The MAP protein is therefore perfect for the organism when challenges exist. With MAP protein, it is also important if you want to buy amino acids that it comes from plant origin. A GMO-free origin with the MAP protein is also helpful and valuable. Importantly, 8 essential amino acids help as prevention and as therapy within orthomolecular medicine, therefore buy amino acids. [1] The risks of different diseases can be reduced and the desired effect of other vital substances can be increased. Amino acids for weight loss, against wrinkles, sports and fitness, these are just some effects that are interesting.

Which amino acid complex is the best?

If you are looking for amino acids for weight loss, wrinkles, or during sports and fitness, you should opt for the SanAmino complex. These amino acids help to lose weight or other purposes because they contain 8 essential amino acids.

Amino acids against wrinkles are becoming more and more popular and SanAmino consists of high purity, free and crystalline AS.

Amino acids sport and fitness – this is a term that is becoming more and more popular in the field of vegan and free of any additives. In this product the user will find 8 essential amino acids and these are made from legumes. In other words, it is a completely natural origin. The product has a perfect amino acid pattern and no calories and is ideal for people with health challenges or athletes. The 8 essential amino acids are contained in the SanAmino product in an ideal combination. Seven of the acids are essential and therefore vital, because the body cannot produce them itself. The arginine is the eighth AS, it is semi-essential, it is produced by the body, but in times of great activity or challenge it should still be fed. Substitution is also recommended in old age, in the growth phase, in chronic diseases or in active sports training. The SanAmino complex is ideal for people with an increased need. Such an increased demand can occur with:

  • high stress in sports or other physical activities
  • Vegans or vegetarians
  • on a diet
  • to supplement the essential AS

The SanAmino complex offers an ideal ratio for 8 essential amino acids. [2] But also the semi-essential AS “arginine” is included. Buy amino acids and choose SanAmino, because these tablets are easy to take and consist of protein building blocks in a hydrolyzed form. Thus, the product does not contain long protein fragments, but short building blocks and can thus be better absorbed by the organism. Whether you choose the amino acids for weight loss, against wrinkles or the amino acids sport and fitness: the effect of these tablets is ideal, because they are absorbed in the small intestine.

The amino acid sequence, which characterizes the sequence of the AS within a peptide, is also ideal in this product. There is also powder or liquid on the market, but SanAmino is perfect for practical ingestion. Each can contains 240 pressed pieces and each pressling contains 500 mg OF AS.

What complaints do amino acids help against?

against circulatory disorders

L-arginine, for example, promotes blood circulation. [3] Those who regularly suffer from circulatory disorders should take the SanAmino tablets as follows: Take ten to twenty pressed pieces with a large glass of water every day.

against potency problems

By stimulating blood circulation, the contained L-arginine in the capsules also helps, for example, with slight potency problems. L-arginine contains a lot of nitrogen and strengthens the immune system. It is contained with 12 mg in a pressling.

The amino acids capsules can also increase the fertility of the man. Because they have a strong antioxidant effect, they are also ideal for more fertility in men. For example, the contained AS L-glutathione vitaminS C and E can reprocess better. This can improve sperm quality and this supports fertility in men.

for cell protection

Amino acids are perfect for cell protection and also release antioxidant energies. Thus, the cells of the user are protected from the inside and cell damage is prevented or prevented. The free radicals attack the cells and amino acids help to avoid this cell damage. Again, it is recommended to take ten to twenty pressings of the SanAmino amino acid complex.

as support for the immune system

Whether the MAP protein or the SanAmino: The immune system benefits from taking the amino acids. Especially in the complex, the user can be sure that 8 essential amino acids are taking in the right proportion. [4] SanAmino tablets are recommended to take ten to twenty presses daily, depending on the immune system challenge.

for osteoarthritis

The AS can also help with the disease “arthrosis”, i.e. the wear of the articular cartilage. Amino acids sport and fitness also benefits from this product in osteoarthritis sufferers. Painful damage to joints can lead to destroyed joints in the final stage. Therefore, it makes sense to take ten to twenty pressings of the SanAmino tablets daily.

in strength sports

Similarly, the AS can help to increase endurance in strength sports. Whether bodybuilding or regular fitness visit, amino acids are always recommended. The bodybuilding scene has long known that a lack of AS negatively affects performance. A good supply of AS also within the amino acid sequence can then supply the muscle building blocks well and the muscle metabolism is stimulated. [5] Blood circulation is promoted, which increases the “pump” and also the growth hormones are increased by regular intake of the capsules, the amino acid complex, the amino acids liquid, or the MAP protein.

How are amino acids ingested or how to use/dose them?

The SanAmino AS are available as presslings in cans with 240 pieces. Each pressling contains 500 mg of the AS complex. A pressling has the following ingredients:

  1. 99 mg “L-leucine”
  2. 84 mg “L-Valine”
  3. 75 mg “L-isoleucine”
  4. 73 mg ” L-lysine”
  5. 65 mg “L-phenylalanine”
  6. 56 mg “L-Theonin”
  7. 36 mg ” L-methionine”
  8. 12 mg “L-arginine”

It is recommended to eat ten to twenty presses a day with plenty of water, depending on the health challenges. This means that you are well supplied, because the AS complex contains all the important acids.

Conclusion: Why are AS so healthy?

Especially the MAP protein (“Master Amino Acid Pattern”) is a special AS pattern with a composition and contains 8 essential AS. Of course, the quality is high-pure, calorie-free and crystalline. This increases the bioavailability and the active ingredient is well received in the body.

Amino acids are so healthy because the amino acid sequence in the body is considered to be the most important component of our lives. Amino acids against wrinkles – this is also important in the field of anti-aging. The net nitrogen content of MAGP As is 99 percent. This ensures a high level of bioavailability. If you are a vegan, you should definitely take AS. Vegetarians should also integrate them into their way of life.

If you want to lose weight and thereby also build up a lean body substance and tissue substance, you should also use this dietary supplement. In the case of stress conditions, one has an increased need and should take the AS for preservation and also for increasing the performance power. It is also recommended to include the capsules in the diet during sports or bodybuilding. The same applies to chronic stress or chronic diseases.

In pregnancy, a high protein supply is also advisable and also during breastfeeding mothers should choose this substance. In children growing, there is often also an AS deficiency. If you want to avoid a JoJo effect with a diet, you should take the AS. AS are also recommended for food intolerances in the area of protein or even in the case of a protein recovery disorder. Older people should regularly take AS and also people with autoimmune diseases or with a weakened immune system.

Thus, the As find a wide range of applications and provide a basis within all life processes. The AS are indispensable for all metabolic processes. They help to enable optimal transport in the body and the nutrients are stored optimally. These included fats, carbohydrates, minerals, vitamins and water. It has been proven that a deficiency causes most diseases in our time. These include obesity, cholesterol problems, diabetes mellitus, sleep problems, potency problems or osteoarthritis. [6] All these diseases are also metabolic disorders in the broadest sense.

Hair loss and many wrinkles can also be the cause of a lack of AS. It is therefore advisable to tackle the problems all at once, to tackle them at the root, and to provide the body with the vital AS, in sufficient quantities. Often our current foods are not as high quality in terms of quality and therefore one should select the AS as a dietary supplement and take it regularly.

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