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Due to the fact that coconut oil is healthy and can have a positive coconut oil effect in a very diverse way, it is a real trend product in the health sector. Whether teeth, skin, hair or the desire for weight loss: The coconut oil application is becoming more and more popular with many people. Due to its neutral taste, temperature resistance and good digestibility, it is also perfect for cooking, frying and frying. Here, too, the positive effect on health comes into play: Dangerous trans fats do not arise even when heated. As a result, there is an increasing selection of different products, which does not make the market clearer. So what should be considered when buying coconut oil and against which complaints is it possible to use it?

What is coconut oil?

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Coconut oil is, for example, cooking oil that can be used for frying, which is obtained from the very high-fat coconut. The pulp of the coconut has about 30% fat – but also a very high water content. By pressing out the pulp, the water is displaced and a coconut milk is produced. This milk, which is used for cooking in many predominantly Asian dishes, still has the characteristic taste of coconut. By fermentation or centrifuging the coconut milk, the pure fat can be separated. In this way, coconut fat is obtained, which is almost completely tasteless and can be used in many different ways.

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How does coconut oil work?

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Basically, the oil can be used in the same way as classic sunflower or rapeseed oil. The relatively abundant content of saturated fatty acids ensures that the temperature stability is high. In principle, this oil can therefore also be used perfectly for frying, whereas olive oil, for example, should not be heated at a temperature of 180°.

Actually, that olive oil is considered particularly healthy due to the many polyunsaturated fatty acids, but harmful trans fats can be produced by heavy heating. For this reason, experts advise using unsaturated fats for frying and frying – which is why coconut oils can perfectly complement the menu at this point.

A particular advantage in this context is also due to the high proportion of long-chain fatty acids, which have a positive effect on the blood vessels and reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

The most important ingredients he 100 g once in the overview:

Total fat content 99.6g
Saturated fatty acids 87.1 g
monounsaturated fatty acids 7 g
polyunsaturated fatty acids 1.7g
short-chain fatty acids 0.47 g
medium-chain fatty acids 13.2 g
long-chain fatty acids 82.1g
essential amino acids 0.4g
Vitamin E 1820 micrograms
Vitamin B3 117 micrograms
Lauric acid 44 – 52 g
Myristic acid 17 – 21 g

Coconut fat and oil are often used synonymously as a terminology. Basically, fats and oils differ only in consistency. The use of certain fats in a margarine, for example, ensures that it is spreadable at room temperature, although the composition is hardly different from an edible oil. In the case of coconut oil, this is a little different: below a temperature of 24 °C, the oil becomes firm and can be coated on a bread like butter or margarine. For this reason, the terms fat and oil are also used synonymously in coconut products.

Which coconut oil is the best?

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User reviews on Amazon agree: CocoNativo’s organic coconut oil is the most recommended product on the platform. The oil from Sri Lanka is derived from coconuts that have been grown strictly organically and have been around for a maximum of around 11 months. Because it is a cold-pressed oil, important vitamins, flavors and unsaturated fatty acids remain. Unlike the equally frequently cold-pressed olive oil, this CocoNativo product is also fully suitable for frying and frying. In addition, due to its high quality, it can also be used for external use. Another special feature is the high content of lauric acid, which according to the manufacturer is supposed to be up to 53%. This lauric acid content not only ensures a particularly fast energy supply, which is especially appreciated by athletes. The positive influence on cholesterol levels has also been proven in the meantime.

Users not only appreciate the taste and obviously high quality of this product, but use it very satisfied for a wide range of different applications. Some users have also been able to make comparisons to other coconut oils and confirm the high quality of CocoNativo organic coconut oil.

Especially if the oil is to be used not only for baking, cooking and frying because of its perfect properties, but also because coconut oil is healthy, care should be taken to make such a high-quality product. Of course, the organic coconut oil is a little more expensive than a conventional frying fat, but can also be used for a wide range of health applications. Due to the small dosage required for this, the apparently high prices are also relative in view of the coconut oil effect.

What complaints does coconut oil help against?

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for the teeth

The lauric acid contained in coconut oil has a proven antibacterial effect – and accounts for around 50% depending on the quality of the coconut oil. In a 2012 study, it was demonstrated for the first time that the antibacterial effect can also be used in the oral flora. In addition, users report that the coconut oil also brightens the teeth and provides a radiant white. If you have already been a little informed about the different uses of coconut oil, then you will have already been given the term “oil pulling” with coconut oil. Oil pulling with coconut oil is the distribution of coconut oil in the mouth over a period of about 15 minutes. This has the effect that teeth and gums are evenly wetted with the oil.

The coconut oil can fully develop its effect by moisturizing and, above all, regulating oral flora in a natural way. Regular coconut oil application in the mouth ensures that the teeth are whiteandandalsos and also caries bacteria are combated.

For the cleaning of the teeth and for the development of the antibacterial effect, which is especially useful for the gums, half to one tablespoon of coconut oil should be used to rinse the mouth and cover the teeth and gums with it. If the firmer coconut fat is used for this purpose, it should first melt in the mouth for oil dressing with coconut oil or heated a little in advance. In order to achieve maximum effect, the oil should be moved back and forth over several minutes as described above.

In this way, the natural saliva flow is stimulated, which makes it easier for the bacteria to bind. Afterwards, the rinsing takes place with some water and the regular brushing of the teeth. Because as positive as the effect of coconut oil on teeth is, it does not replace brushing teeth with a conventional toothpaste. [1] Fluoride, which strengthens the enamel, is mainly contained there.

against ticks

The bite of a tick is not only unpleasant, it can also become dangerous: according to experts, about 5% of all times in Germany carry the FSME virus. This can trigger meningitis in humans. Those who regularly travel in high grass or in the forest should therefore effectively protect themselves from ticks. Of course, in the well-stocked supermarket or in the drugstore there are some products that are supposed to sell ticks and other unpleasant plague spirits. However, these are generally chemical agents which can have quite dubious effects on health. Coconut oil against ticks is a small miracle weapon: the lauric acid contained not only has an antibacterial effect and moisturizes, but is also shunned by ticks.

For effective protection against the ticks, it is sufficient if the non-clothing-covered body regions are thinly rubbed with the oil. In particular, arms and legs are otherwise exposed to ticks without protection in summer clothing. Experience has shown that protection remains in place for a period of about 6 hours. During longer hikes in nature, coconut oil should be applied again against ticks.

for losing weight

The fact that coconut oil can be used for weight loss seems at first incomprehensible: because this is also a fat, which has a high calorie density. In addition, the coconut oil contains a relatively high proportion of unsaturated fatty acids,which do not have a good reputation anyway. [2]

Nevertheless, coconut oil is not a contradiction to lose weight, but really works: coconut oil has a very high proportion of short-term fatty acids, which are converted directly into usable energy during digestion – there is no storage in the fat pads. In addition, the digestion is hardly stressed, because the oil is very digestible. At the same time, blood sugar levels remain unaffected and metabolism is boosted. The stabilization of blood sugar levels provides an indirectly positive effect on weight loss: A constant blood sugar level ensures that cravings do not occur in the first place and thus automatically reduce calories.

Boosting metabolism also increases energy turnover, which makes losing weight even more effective. However, it is important for coconut oil to lose weight that a particularly high-quality product is used.

In this context, it is important that the oil is consumed regularly. However, it is sufficient to replace a tablespoon of a conventional oil or fat with the same amount of coconut oil. For this, of course, the oil does not need to be taken in pure form, a use for frying, cooking and baking is equally useful. In order to make the regulating effect on blood sugar levels particularly effective, the diet should be adjusted during the diet to avoid carbohydrate-rich foods wherever possible. If you want to be particularly quick with weight loss, a small amount of the oil should be taken before each meal. As a result, the appetizing effect unfolds to a particular extent.

for the hair

Especially in summer, the hair is severely strained by heat and UV radiation. The moisturizing and strengthening effect of coconut oil can protect the hair from such influences. The coconut oil for the hair not only has a valuable protective effect, but can also make the hair fuller and more even. However, this requires uniform application.

The oil is particularly effective when used as a hair cure. [3] Here it is perfectly sufficient to massage a roughly cherry-sized amount evenly into the still moist hair, even with longer hair. The oil should then be able to act for at least 30 minutes before it is rinsed out. To improve the result, the hairs wetted with the oil should be wrapped in a towel so that the coconut oil can act on the hair overnight.

for the skin

Whether the oil extracted from the coconut has a positive effect on the skin depends specifically on the user: Many people complain about too dry skin, especially in the cold season. Here, coconut oil can provide the skin with additional moisture without additional alcohols or silicones, as is the case with most industrially manufactured care products. In addition, the oil has a high content of lauric acid, which is said to have an antibacterial effect and anti-inflammatory properties. So if the skin is prone to impurities and the natural acid protective coat is damaged, the coconut oil can additionally support the skin.

The coconut oil should not be used for the skin with a tendency to pimples or existing acne. The oil has the property of clogging the pores in an already oily skin in addition and thus even strengthening existing subunits.

If skin impurities are not a problem and you are simply looking for a natural moisturizer, use a roughly hazelnut-sized amount of oil, which should be applied in the evening after the face wash. The oil can then move in overnight and have the moisturizing effect. Some users also use the oil for make-up.

for the face

Dry skin and wrinkles appear especially in the cooler half of the year. During this time, the oil can show in particular that it is healthy for the skin, among other things: the antibacterial effect ensures a rapid healing of inflammation. In addition, additional moisture is added, which makes the skin on the face look more supple and radiant. With a regular application of coconut oil on the face, the skin can particularly benefit there. [4]

Unfortunately, the oil tends to clog the pores a little. For this reason, an application on the face is not advisable if you are prone to skin impurities anyway. In addition, the face should be thoroughly cleaned before use. After that, a pea-sized amount of coconut fat is often sufficient, which is massaged evenly into all parts of the face. If the oil has the chance to act overnight, you will feel a clearly positive effect throughout the next day: the facial skin remains soft and supple even in unfavourable weather conditions.

for dogs

The positive effects of coconut oil for humans have already been illuminated in detail: it is used as an insect repellent as well as for the care of skin and hair. At the same time, it is a healthy and completely natural product without chemicals – especially when an organic coconut oil is used. This coconut oil application can also be used in dogs: The oil is just as suitable for fur care as it is for protection against ticks and fleas. The coconut oil for dogs can thus play its all-round qualities perfectly.

If the coconut oil is to be applied to dogs, depending on the size and hair length of the animal, a hazelnut to walnut-sized amount is sufficient, which is rubbed into the fur two to three times a week. It is also possible to feed half a teaspoon of oil per 10 kg of the dog’s body weight per day. In this way, the health-positive effects that are also applied in humans can be exploited. This internal application also protects against ticks and ensures a shiny coat.

How is coconut oil taken or dosed?

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In principle, the following aspects should be taken into account when taking regularly:

  1. One tablespoon per day is sufficient for weight loss
  2. The antibacterial effect occurs from just one teaspoon a day
  3. A hazelnut-sized amount is sufficient for facial care
  4. To keep ticks away, the skin areas should be thinly rubbed
  5. To prevent sunburns, the fat should be applied abundantly


Especially recommended is virgin coconut oil. This name is a quality class that you may already know about olive oil. A virgin coconut oil was obtained only by mechanical processing from the coconut, without the need for chemicals or excessive heating. Because these processes are more technically complex, the price often increases a little. For this, the coconut oil obtained is particularly healthy. The reason: The cold pressing mainly contains the vitamins, and it also remains a natural product. Especially if the oil is to be bought because of its health-promoting effect, virgin coconut oil is in any case the better choice.

Unlike rapeseed or sunflower oil, the coconut as a supplier of coconut oil cannot be obtained in Germany – which is why the origin should be looked at particularly closely. An organic coconut oil from a reputable manufacturer ensures that no illegal additives are used and that you buy natural coconut oil.

Some manufacturers also indicate how much lauric acid is contained. When used, for example, on the skin, this proportion is quite important, because it provides for the antibacterial effect and also drives annoying insects. [5] Lauric acid also helps with weight loss, because it stabilizes blood sugar levels. High-quality coconut oils account for up to 60%. Skepticism is warranted if the manufacturer does not provide any information at all on this important active substance.

Conclusion: Why is coconut oil so healthy?

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Whether coconut oil is applied to the face or mouth, whether you use it for frying or protect the dog from ticks: Above all, the versatile effect of coconut oil convinces more and more users. The high temperature stability ensures that it can be used ideally for frying and baking – unlike, for example, olive oil. At the same time, however, the oil can also regulate hunger and stimulate metabolism – in combination with a pleasantly neutral taste. In particular, the high proportion of lauric acid ensures that annoying insects as well as ticks are effectively distributed. In this way, you can protect yourself without having to apply chemical products to the skin. Coconut fat has also proven to be a moisturizer or tooth whitening, which also moisturizes and makes the skin more supple. The antibacterial effect is particularly noticeable in the oral cavity. [6]

In order to ensure that these diverse effects really come into play, interested parties should pay attention to a particularly high-quality product when purchasing. Organic farming ensures that no chemicals are used and that the natural effect can develop. Native coconut oil also preserves all vitamins that support the positive effect on health. A high proportion of lauric acid is particularly recommended if the oil is intended to combat cravings and bacteria.

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